Melbourne Home Sellers – Are you still sitting on the fence?

The Melbourne property market certainly provided a challenge for home sellers in 2011 to the degree that we had not experienced for several years. A market devoid of potential buyers contributed to the downturn which was compounded by the constant bombardment of negative sentiment circulating around the GFC in Europe and the US. It is undeniable that this impacted negatively upon the psyche of both buyers and sellers.

This year however, the Melbourne housing market has certainly been bolstered by a strong re-emergence of buyer activity. Buyer confidence is clearly on the rise.

The good news for You the Seller is:  Fewer homes for sale + more buyers in the market = a great time to sell your home!

So are you still sitting on the fence ….but curious about the current value of your home?

Before you take the leap, contact me at TG Newton Real Estate and I would be happy to send you customised sales results for your suburb.




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Are you the “Most Wanted” ?

If you are thinking about selling your home,                                                    consider yourself the “Most Wanted” person on your street!  At the mere whiff of a potential ‘listing’, you will find every agent within miles vying to be the chosen agent to ‘list’ your home. If you’re lucky enough they will call you on the phone asking for your business or may present on your doorstep…but as a client of mine recently told me, a local agent even had the bravado to simply pull up alongside her driveway in his shiny badge laiden beast, wind down the window and point a gold clad finger in the direction of her home, whilst calling out “You selling?”

The temptation for sellers trying to make an incredibly important decision amongst all this “hoo haa” is to filter through the various agents purely on the basis of quoted price. As I talk to more sellers day by day, I am learning of countless experiences of people who have made a HUGE mistake by selecting their agent this way. They learnt the hard way that the price the agents quote and the price they actually sell for are very very different prices.

Agents who tell the truth about the real current market value of your home, often lose business to agents who tell lies by inflating the likely selling price….simply to get the seller to sign on the dotted line. Even more frustrating for sellers is the tactic of agents avoiding a price discussion all together, saying “It’s too difficult to judge the value of your home. It all depends on the market…so let’s auction and let the market decide.”

Interview your Agent

Remember, although the lure of a promised high quoted price can be extremely tempting, selecting the right agent to sell your home is NOT all about quoted price….and it is not like seeking a quote to have the plumbing fixed! You are looking for the most skilled agent to negotiate the sale of your home.

Treat your meeting with a prospective agent like a job interview. The job description is: An agent you feel comfortable with, who will demonstrate how they will get you the highest price possible on the day, and who will be honest with you and everyone else involved in the selling process.

Finally, your most important focus when interviewing the agent must be: “What will you do to get me the best price for my home?”

Advertising…or…How to Market a Real Estate Agent in today’s Market ?

This video had me in fits of laughter for its droll portrayal of the stereotypical “profile hungry” agent. But once I dried my eyes, I was sobered by the scary reality that scores of well intentioned and otherwise savvy consumers are STILL falling prey to this approach.

STOP and consider: The biggest part of all real estate advertisements is the name of the agency. They are designed to increase the ‘profile’ of the agent….to make themselves look attractive, credible or sought after.

Modern marketing research has confirmed that today’s consumers are going online to purchase goods and services. The real estate industry is not immune to this experience. Gone are the days of securing buyers by running picture advertisements in newspapers and magazines. We have to go where they are …on the internet!

Yet many, many sellers as we speak, are still paying THOUSANDS of dollars UP FRONT to agents for newspaper and shop-front “advertising” expenses. This is simply shameless self promotion by agents at the sellers expense! Don’t allow yourself, your family or friends fall prey to this costly trap!

Why I choose to work for a Jenman approved agency

Embarking upon a change of career from the world of child protection to real estate sales was never a challenging decision for me. Despite the protests of friends and family who feared my well founded principles of delivering ethical service to the community would be compromised, I possessed 110 % confidence in my decision. This was because I already knew of The Jenman System and subsequently, I purposefully chose to work for a Jenman approved agency in Oakleigh, TG Newton Real Estate.

For those of you still convinced all Real Estate agents simply can not be trusted, here’s a brief synopsis of how Neil Jenman has set about to revolutionise this experience for consumers…

In 1984, Neil Jenman established a Real Estate agency in Auburn, a western suburb of Sydney.

He believed the methods used by many agents were not good for consumers. He decided to take a different approach. His business was built on two principles: ethical service and hard work.

Within nine months Jenman Real Estate was the most popular agency in its area.

In the years ahead, the agency continued to flourish. This led to many other agents contacting Jenman Real Estate to ask what made it so successful.

In 1991, Neil began to conduct sales training seminars. His ideas were embraced for their effectiveness and their high level of integrity.

Jenman System
is revolutionising
Real Estate
agency practice
in Australia

He later presented a five day management seminar which was attended by agents from all over Australia and as far away as New York. Neil also spoke in the United States where the publisher of the prestigious Real Estate Business magazine described him as a man who “walks his talk”.

Back in Australia, Neil’s ideas were described by Channel Seven News as…

“a radical new concept for the industry:
telling the truth.”

In 1997, after six years of research and writing, Neil launched The Jenman System.

Today, agents who use The Jenman System are the most successful in the world. Their success is measured in client satisfaction as well as profits and earnings.

The Jenman System is revolutionising Real Estate agency practice. Home sellers and buyers in hundreds of areas can now choose a real estate agent who supports The Jenman System.

The Jenman System has caused widespread debate and controversy among agents as it fiercely opposes many of the traditional methods which hurt consumers. It has been accused of “dividing the industry”, an accusation to which it proudly pleads ‘guilty’. There are two types of agents, those who use ethical systems and those who don’t. That’s the dividing line.

The main aim of The Jenman System is to please consumers.

‘The Real Estate industry has many fine and honest people and is a wonderful industry in which to enjoy a career’

From 2000, the finest agents using The Jenman System have been known asJenman APPROVED.

We are not saying that all estate agents are unethical or that The Jenman System is the only ethical system. We are saying that all APPROVED Jenman agents will be ethical. And you can count on it.

Consumers will be offered the world’s strongest real estate guarantee to support this claim. When you choose an APPROVED Jenman agent you will be choosing one of the best agents in the world.


About the APPROVED System

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